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Optimize your business of one

SumIt is the money management platform to help you see the big financial picture, analyze which projects are most profitable, and save smartly for your future.

Spend less time managing your money and more time doing the work you love.

While we're in Beta, you can enjoy a 30-day trial. No credit card required!

Finally, a tool for freelancers, solopreneurs, and the self-employed.

With SumIt you can:

  • See your business and personal finances in a single spot without opening a new account.
  • Save for necessities like retirement and emergencies without transferring or moving your money.
  • Analyze which projects make you the most money for your effort without a time tracker.

See your money like never before with Cashflow

Cashflow shows you a simple visualization of your personal and business expenses, so you can see your full financial picture and make smarter financial decisions... all without opening a new account.


Free Cashflow Icon

Know exactly how much cash you have on hand today

Automated Tax Withholding

Set aside money for taxes with each paycheck

Earning and Spending Insights

Look back and project forward to make smarter spending and saving decisions

Make a habit of saving extra cash with Reserves

Reserves helps you set aside money for emergencies, for time off, and for retirement. Finally, get in the habit of saving no matter the size of your paychecks.

Emergency Fund

Be prepared for your near-term needs, always

Time Off Fund

Pay yourself when you take time off—you deserve it!

Retirement Fund

Put aside money for your future self. Thank us later!

Track your efficiency, not your time with Jobs

Jobs analyzes the return for your effort so you can pursue more meaningful, lucrative work.

ROI Analysis

See which jobs make the most money for your effort

Simple CRM

Own your client list and jobs history in one place

Earnings Tracker

Know your net income and adjust your workload accordingly


What professional freelancers are saying

"SumIt goes beyond the basic calculations that you can do in Quickbooks because it actually lets you compare project profitability."

"I have never seen a tool that takes a holistic view of my life. I can see SumIt replacing both my mobile and computer-based tools."

"I needed this yesterday!"

Royce, Freelance Social Media Strategist

Joshua, Private Tutor

Amanda, Freelance Research Analyst and Data Science Coach


Everything you need to know about SumIt

We’re neither a personal finance tool nor a small business accounting tool nor a project management tool -- we’re a hybrid tool for freelancing work and life. SumIt is specifically designed for solopreneurs who want to make freelancing work long-term. We make it simple for you to understand your financial big picture (that’s personal + business combined!), save smartly for your future needs, and run your business based on data driven ROI insights.

SumIt is free for the first 30 days, then $12/month. While we are in Beta, we will offer a discount to our first customers (you!) as an appreciation for our privilege to learn from you.

SumIt is a money management platform that helps you see your whole finances (personal & business), optimize your effort, and save smartly for your future needs without having to transfer any money within or across your financial accounts. We are NOT a banking app; we do not handle, move, or manage your money at all. We only look at your accounts and use our smart technology to show you your money in a new and useful way.

At this time, SumIt is a web app, meaning you can access it from your desktop or mobile device online, through your browser of choice.

SumIt is designed for you if you freelance full-time in the United States, and your work is project-based (such as design, consulting, developing, etc.). If you're a freelancer who uses a 1099 form and/or a K1 form, SumIt is your best option to see your complete financial picture. Unfortunately, we do not accommodate people outside of the US at this time.


Your data is safe with us

SumIt is designed with safety in mind. We do not store, hold, or transfer your money.

SumIt will not sell, rent, or display your data anywhere or to anyone.

Our technology and all related components are continuously monitored by an information security team.

We integrate with Plaid, the most trusted financial accounts integration platform on the market. Plaid uses the highest levels of security possible to keep your information safe and encrypted. Plaid is trusted by over 6,000 companies, including Venmo.


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