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SumIt is the money management platform to help you see the big financial picture, analyze which projects are most profitable, and save smartly for your future.

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SumIt is backed by a Fortune 250 Company

With SumIt you can
  • See your business and personal finances in a single spot without opening a new account.
  • Get help on your journey to building your business with tips, tools, and special offers related to finances, insurance, benefits, and more.
  • Save for necessities like retirement and emergencies without transferring or moving your money.
  • Analyze which projects make you the most money for your effort without a time tracker.
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What professional freelancers are saying

"SumIt goes beyond the basic calculations that you can do in Quickbooks because it actually lets you compare project profitability."

— Joshua


"I needed this yesterday!"

— Royce


"I have never seen a tool that takes a holistic view of my life. I can see SumIt replacing both my mobile and computer-based tools."

— Amanda


Your data is safe with us

SumIt will not sell, rent, or display your data anywhere or to anyone.
SumIt is designed with safety in mind. We do not store, hold, or transfer your money.
Our technology and all related components are continuously monitored by an information security team.
We integrate with Plaid, the most trusted payment integration platform on the market. Plaid uses the highest levels of security possible to keep your information safe and encrypted. Plaid is trusted by over 6,000 companies, including Venmo. Check out our Help Center if you have any other questions.

Everything you need to know about SumIt

How is this different from other money apps on the market?
SumIt is a hybrid tool for freelancing work and life. We make it simple for you to understand your financial big picture, save smartly for your future needs, and run your business based on data driven ROI insights.
How much does SumIt cost?
While we are in Beta, we will offer a discount to our first customers. SumIt is free for the first 30 days, then $12/month.
How does SumIt work?
SumIt is a platform that helps you see your whole finances (personal & business), optimize your effort, and save smartly for your future needs without having to transfer any money.
Is SumIt a mobile app?
At this time, SumIt is a web app, meaning you can access it from your desktop or mobile device online.
Who is SumIt for? Do I have to be a freelancer to use SumIt?
SumIt is for you if you freelance in the US. Unfortunately, we do not accommodate people outside of the US at this time.
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